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Summer is one of the things young kids look forward to the most. School’s out and children have all the time to get back to their much-awaited playtime. But instead of letting your little one get glued on the TV screens, computer or mobile devices watching cartoons or playing video games, this may be the perfect time to encourage them to engage in activities that offer the right balance between learning and fun. This is where summer camps come in.

Summer camps aren’t only a way to pass the time. It’s also an excellent venue for kids to gain fun learning experiences that help them acquire important lifelong skills that help them achieve future success. It’s where they learn about independence, teamwork and resilience. They also get to enjoy opportunities to improve their cognitive abilities, as well as social and emotional skills.

Because summer camp offers a wide variety of activities, this provides children an opportunity to discover their passion or pursue their interests whether it be sports, music, arts and other special interests.

Here at The Oxford School, Our Camp programs are full of super fun activities and amazing adventures and are the perfect balance of learning and fun! Each summer we have a different theme which is then developed into weeks of indoor and outdoor activities and field trips that foster exploration, positive peer interactions, and making lifelong memories. Our goal is to keep your child engaged all summer long with a variety of “big kid” activities within our super fun Kid Zones: Brain, Play, Hand, Sports, Art and Character Zones, where our campers can earn points and prizes! Feel free to visit our website to see all the fun our campers are having!


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