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While we all understand the value of sending our children to good schools and ensuring they are provided with excellent quality education, we must acknowledge the fact that learning is something that doesn’t end within the four walls of a classroom. It’s crucial that learning and building of a child’s skills are nurtured even after school. This is where before and after school programs come in.

Everything that a child learns all throughout their childhood plays an important role in shaping them into who they will become in the future. And if you want to set your child on the path to success, good school-age programs are one of the best opportunities to help you begin that journey.

Effective before and after school programs offer a wide range of benefits to kids as well as their families. Besides improving a child’s academic performance, kids get to engage in a variety of activities that are both fun and educational.

Here at The Oxford School, we offer a School-Age program that gives parents the peace of mind and security knowing that their kids are engaged in safe, enriching and constructive activities before and/or after school, and on full days where the school is not in session. We offer a variety of “big kid” activities all year round within our super fun Kid Zones: Brain, Play, Hand, Sports, Art and Character Zones. Our fantastic school age staff is ready to help with homework and encourage positive peer interactions.

The Oxford School offers programs and curriculum geared to provide children with high quality education. Make sure to give your child the best education and childcare they deserve by choosing The Oxford School. Please feel free to give us a call to book a tour and to get more information.


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