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When thinking about preschool, most parents imagine a structured classroom environment where their child is required to behave, sit still and listen to the teacher’s lecture. But this isn’t exactly the case. While it’s true that a good preschool program helps children get ready for kindergarten and beyond, there’s so much more about it that many parents aren’t aware of.

Contrary to the common misconception, sending a child to preschool doesn’t take away the important playtime they need and deserve. In fact, quality preschool care offers several advantages for children.

It is in preschools that children are equipped with important skills that can help them achieve future success. Preschool offers young kids ample opportunities to enhance their social skills because they get to interact not only with their fellow kids but also with other adults other than their parents. This is also where their language skills are enhanced. Preschool is also an excellent venue for learning emotional and self-regulation skills.

Our Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten programs are designed to foster independence, a sense of wonder and an excitement for learning and to prepare your child academically and socially for kindergarten. We focus on readying your child to enter their Kindergarten classroom with confidence and enthusiasm, by exploring math, science, social studies, language arts and so much more! We emphasize self-help, personal responsibility, and building self-esteem, by fostering the growth of social, emotional, cognitive, physical and self-help skills. This is all while having fun and creating life-long memories through a wide variety of classroom activities and experiences.

Be sure to give your little one the best quality education and care they deserve by sending them to The Oxford School. Discover how our preschoolers are learning and give us a call for more information!


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