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The kind of education children receive during their early years plays a significant impact on their overall development. This is why it is imperative that parents make it a top priority to provide their children with the best quality early childhood education. And if you want to ensure your child’s holistic growth and development, know that a good kindergarten program is the way to go.

Selecting the right child care school for your little one can benefit them in many different ways. An excellent-quality kindergarten program offers a variety of learning experiences that are both learning-oriented and fun at the same time. It further fosters your child’s lifelong love for learning. It also means more social interactions which are crucial in enhancing important social skills they need to thrive in the future. It fosters creativity and boost problem-solving skills and teach kids about independence and self-sufficiency. It prepares kids for their future academic endeavours and set them on the path to future success.

Here at The Oxford School, our Kindergarten Enrichment program is geared towards building upon concepts learned during your child’s time to enhance their skills past the kindergarten level while setting the stage for future learning. We channel our students’ natural curiosity and enthusiasm and encourage them to explore and create work that is real and meaningful. The ultimate goal of the Kindergarten Enrichment program is to lay the groundwork to becoming responsible, self-directed learners and critical and creative thinkers. This program is for kids who are age-eligible for kindergarten.

Make sure your little one gets a good head start at learning by providing them the best kindergarten program at The Oxford School. Please feel free to call us to schedule a tour and get more information.


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