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It’s no secret how good quality early childcare plays an important role in a child’s development. Not only does it offer valuable support to families with young kids but it also influences a child’s readiness for future schooling. This is where good daycare and childcare center comes in.

As a parent, you wear several hats and have several roles to play. Supporting your child financially while providing them the care they need can be a real challenge. And that is what we are here for!

Here at The Oxford School, we offer programs designed to meet the needs of your little one including infant care, early education and more. Our experienced teachers and caregivers are qualified and reliable when it comes to attending to your child’s needs and providing high-quality provision.

In our Infant programs, our primary focus is to care for the needs of infants ages 6 weeks to 18 months of age. Each infant is assigned to a primary caregiver who is responsible for the infant’s daily needs and development and documents their activities accordingly – a practice that is designed to provide the infants with consistent care and allows for direct communication between parents and caregivers. The areas of development we focus on are: language (including baby signs), large and small motor skills, baby yoga, sensory/art, music and cognitive reasoning.

At The Oxford School, you can rest assured that your infant is in the best hands. We understand every parent’s worry and anxiety upon leaving their child in the care of others. But when you choose The Oxford School, you can trust us to care for your little one as we would for our own. Give them the quality care they deserve by choosing The Oxford School. Please feel free to give us a call for more information.


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