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The Oxford School provides a place where parents can feel confident that their child is being cared for in the best possible way in their absence. The Oxford School works to provide an enjoyable, developmentally appropriate early childhood educational experience for each child.

We operate with a commitment of compassion and moral obligation in an environment that is clean and developmentally stimulating. We continually encourage each child’s healthy growth and development to guide each child to become strong, self-confident children.

Enroll at Oxford in 4 Easy Steps

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3. Schedule & Take a Tour at one of our great facilities
4. Stop by the office & complete the Enrollment Packet

Enrollment & Center FAQs

» What ages of children do you provide programs for?
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The Oxford School offer programs for children ages six weeks (Infant) to 12-years-old (School-age). 

» What are Oxford’s hours of operations?
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The Oxford School are open 7:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday thru Friday for your convenience. 

» What days are The Oxford School closed?
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The Oxford School are closed:  New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, in addition to the day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.  The Oxford School’s academic programs operate on a school year calendar. On some days we are open for childcare but not for school (Ex. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, President’s Day, etc.).  This only affects students in our school-day and half-day programs, however childcare is available for these students for an additional fee. We offer the summer camp for all children ages 3 and up. 

» Does The Oxford School offer part-time programs?
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The Oxford School offers both full-time, part-time, and drop-in programs to provide added flexibility and options for our customers.  Customized programs may be arranged based on availability. 

» What is the philosophy of The Oxford School?
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Oxford provides developmentally appropriate education, with an emphasis on health and wellness, and combines play and traditional learning methods to lay the foundation for a successful educational career.  We provide support and learning to encourage each child’s social development to help them become confident, responsible, well-rounded, and compassionate citizens.  Our program is designed to introduce and expand on numerous subjects such as Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Art and, Music.  The daily schedule in each classroom allows for the large group, small group, and individual activities in order to build each child’s social and educational skills. 

» What does Oxford’s Curriculum include?
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Art, Math, Music and Movement, Science, Social Studies, Spanish, Sign Language, Large and Small Motor Development, Little Sprouts Health and Wellness Program and much more!

» What are the qualifications of The Oxford School teachers?
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Every member of our qualified and dedicated staff participates in ongoing professional development in the field of Early Childhood Education. Our teachers are trained in First Aid, CPR, Child Abuse Prevention, and Communicable Disease Prevention.  Each classroom is staffed with a degreed teacher who has experience in the field.

» What are The Oxford School teacher/child ratios?
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Teacher/Child ratios vary by age group.  Although we follow the state regulations for Teacher/Child ratios,  Oxford’s ratios often reflect lower ratios due to extra staffing and part-time students.  We work hard to provide the lowest ratios and class sizes possible to give our students the highest level of care and attention.

» What kind of security does The Oxford School provide for our students?
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To help keep our students safe, Oxford assigns each family a code to access entry into our facility.  Classrooms at our Tuttle location have large viewing windows for added supervision and our Muirfield/Tartan locations the offers closed-circuit cameras in each classroom for additional supervision.  We require written permission from a parent/guardian for us to release a student for pick up by family members or friends.

» Does Oxford have an open door policy?
+ -

Yes! The Oxford School welcomes, and encourages, our families to come and go as they please.  You’re welcomed to join us for lunch, volunteer in the classroom, stop by for a quick visit, pick-up and, drop-off around a doctor’s appointment, etc. 

» What is The Oxford School’s illness policy?
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The Oxford School takes illness very seriously and looks at every case individually.  While we’re not doctors the staff at The Oxford School have been trained to look for signs of illness in order to help keep all of our students, staff, and their families as safe, happy, and healthy as possible.  In the event that your child becomes ill during the day, and this illness meets exclusion criteria, you will be contacted for immediate pickup. We ask that your child remains out of the program until they have been symptom-free for at least 24 hours or with a doctor’s note verifying that they the ill child is not contagious and is able to participate in all daily activities.  We ask that you keep us posted on illnesses your child may experience to warn other parents of possible exposure.  (Anonymity will be maintained for the ill child).  We trust that parents will make the right choice to keep their child home when ill but reserve the right to send a child home in the event that we fear the risk of exposure to other students.

» How does The Oxford School keep things clean and sanitized?
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The Oxford School works hard to ensure a clean, healthy environment for all of our students.  We do most of our cleaning in-house to ensure that proper sanitation of toys, furniture, etc. is maintained.  Additional cleaning is outsourced to other vendors.  We take great pride in our proven track record limiting the spread of illnesses. 

» How do snacks and meals work at The Oxford School?
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The Oxford School provides morning and/or afternoon snack for students (varies by program) consisting of items such as fruit, vegetables, crackers, pretzels, etc.  in addition to milk.  The Oxford School provides parents the added flexibility to pack or purchase lunches for their children.

» Does The Oxford School have a playground?
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Yes. The Oxford School offers both indoor and outdoor play areas.  Students in our programs have scheduled outside time every day and when they are unable to go outside they’re able to play in our large muscle room.

» How do I know what my child’s doing each day?
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Every day each child has a daily sheet completed that is sent home in the evening with parents.  It includes information about your child’s day, reminders, special event etc.  Parents and teachers also have the opportunity to talk to their child’s teacher at pick up and drop off daily. Phones are located in every classroom, although we ask that calls remain quick as the teachers’ primary focus must be care and attention for our students. Our teachers often call parents to give updates about children and how their day is going.  The office staff is available by phone, e-mail, or drop in conversations daily.

» Does The Oxford School participate in developmental screenings or provide any other assessments?
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Depending on the age group of your child, progress reports are completed quarterly or semi-annually to keep you informed of your child’s progress. Voluntary, ongoing, developmental screenings are also completed with the parents help.  Parent/teacher conferences are available anytime, upon request, or at scheduled times each year.  Oxford works hard to function as an extension of the family unit.

» What are the rates at The Oxford School?
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We’d love to share our program rates with you, but as we often have enrollment specials and customize plans to fit your needs, we ask that you contact a center for more information. We would also love to show you around a center and talk with you about your childcare needs so you can see what a value The Oxford School is! 

» What extra activities can children participate in at The Oxford School?
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The Oxford School offers dance, additional Spanish instruction, music and other classes to enrolled students(contact a center for details). In addition, we have many family outings and functions each year, such as our Spring Egg Hunt, Pumpkin Patch Outing, and Winter Program. 

» Do you offer any other services to families?
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We offer frequent convenience services to our families, such as date nights, dinner nights, coffee bar and much more.  All Oxford Families are also offered discounts on child and adult classes at The Oxford Enrichment Center.

» Why should I choose The Oxford School for my child?
+ -

The Oxford School provides the highest quality childcare and education focused on health and wellness! We guarantee our students will gain a strong foundation for learning that they will not only succeed in Kindergarten but continue to excel in his or her educational career. We work hard to create relationships with our parents to help individually to create a learning environment where they can feel comfortable and confident that your children are being cared for in the best possible place. We are not a chain or franchise; we are privately owned and operated, and with daily oversight by our owner. Our programs at The Oxford School are designed to meet your family’s needs and make sure that our students are more than prepared to be competitive in their future schooling, be active and healthy, and most importantly create fond memories of just being a kid. 


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