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Strong Minds, Healthy Bodies & Happy Kids

Strong Minds

OWL: The Oxford Writing and Literacy Program (O.W.L.) has been specifically designed to give each child numerous opportunities to use many forms of language and communication in meaningful and useful ways. Our classrooms are “print-rich” environments with numbers, letters, books and words on display and ready for children to explore. Activities are planned by teachers to incorporate writing and literacy into everyday activities and allow children to express themselves as individuals.

Sign Language: The introduction of sign language in the earliest years helps children develop both language and cognitive skills and lays a solid foundation for later language development and communication. At The Oxford School, we start with sign language in our infant rooms and continue until their signs fall away as oral speech replaces it. Additional sign language curriculum is provided through Kindergarten.

Healthy Bodies

Little Sprouts: Our goal at The Oxford School is to build “Strong Minds, Healthy Bodies, and Happy Kids.” Oxford’s Little Sprouts Healthy Child curriculum is based on the National Campaign: Let’s Move. Our students are encouraged to eat healthy foods, get active and learn about healthy living.

Little Sprout Fitness: A component of our Little Sprouts Healthy Child curriculum, Sprout Fitness is a group fitness class designed specifically to get our little ones moving! We focus on balance, coordination, gross motor skills, teamwork, and FUN! Sprout Fitness is taught once per week and included in tuition!

Yoga: We believe yoga and kids are a perfect match! Yoga is about exploring and learning in a fun, safe and active way. Yoga teaches our children about their bodies, balance, breathing, calming techniques, and using energy effectively.

ZONO: We would like to introduce you to the ZONO, a revolutionary new sanitizing system that sanitizes toys, stuffed animals, cots, electronics and more! We simply place items in the ZONO and the ZONO does all of the sanitizing work for us, with no chemicals. This allows us to easily keep a clean and healthy environment and focus on the work we enjoy – taking care of and teaching your children.

Happy Kids

Learning Through Play – At The Oxford School, we believe that by learning through play children can develop social and cognitive skills, mature emotionally, and gain the self-confidence required to engage in new experiences and environments. Our curriculum combines the perfect amount of play and traditional learning to make sure our kids stay happy, healthy and engaged.

Tadpoles – Our parent communication system, Tadpoles, is an excellent way to keep parents in tune with what’s happening while their kids are in our care. From notes, curriculum, meal and nap details, to fun photos sent straight to you throughout the day, we love to show you just how happy and well cared for your kiddos are while at The Oxford School!

Happy People make Happy Kids – At the Oxford School, we strive to create an environment of positivity amongst our staff and families. With our many employee perks and amazing benefits, one of our main goals is keeping our staff happy. Happy teachers make Happy kids!


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